Minting Your Yat On OpenSea

There are a few steps involved in minting your Yat on OpenSea. It is important to note that as of July 31, 2021 you are required to connect an ETH wallet known as Metamask to mint. You will use this wallet to mint your Yat and you will get paid into this account if your Yat Sells. To download visit the Metamask site below. It is also worth noting Metamask does not currently work with all browsers. For example, if you are using the Opera browser to buy and maintain your Yats you will need to sign into your Yat account with a different browser to use Metamask and create your NFTs. I use Firefox.

Metamask Web Site

You also need to fund your account with some ETH to pay the Gas fees mentioned below. You have to have some basic crypto knowledge to do this which I am not going to go into in this guide.

Step 1. Choose the Yat you want to mint and Visualize it
The Visualizer can be found on your Yat Dashboard. It will say 'Not yet visualized' at first. After you click the box the visualizer will open. Be sure to try all the different cool options before choosing. You only get one chance.

Notice the green dot. I mention it again below.


Step 2. Complete the Visualization
When you click Finish you can download your visualized Yat to share. It is not minted on the ETH network yet at this point. See the little green dot next to the word 'Visualized' ^ above ^? This means you are good to go to the next step. If the dot is blue, the visualization is still in process. You will need to refresh the Dashboard to see if this color changes.

Visualizer Hint: If you choose spinning emojis OpenSea may take a picture to display with one of your emojis sideways where it cannot be seen. I would recommend a non-spinning style for listing on OpenSea.

Visualizer final.png

Step 3. Determine if you are ready to actually mint your Yat
This can be expensive. If Yats were an NFT you truly owned this step would be more affordable. Making them NFTs you personally own is the goal once Yats are on Tari, but for now they are still centralized. To keep people from minting fake Yats, and to determine after a Yat sells where it should be sent to, Yat Labs has to be in control of the minting. This means Yat Labs creates the NFT and then transfers it to you, which is why there are Gas fees to be paid.

On the ETH network Gas fees are often more than a Yat is worth. If you think your Yat will sell for $1,000, then paying $50 in Gas fees to mint may not bother you much, but if your Yat is only worth $40 you don't want to pay $50 to mint it. Gas fees swing wildly in a day. You may get different fees minting now versus waiting 12 hours.  To see the current Gas required you can go to

Gas / Approximate Dollars
20 / $15
35 / $25
50 / $40
65 / $50
80 / $60
95 / $70

Yat announced minting on the Polygon (AKA Matic) network will be available in the near future. This will DRASTICALLY cut down on the fees associated with minting. Polygon is a different network on the Metamask wallet.

Step 4. Minting your Yat
On your Yat Dashboard is a 'Mint your Yat' option. Click on it and a window will open confirming your Metamask wallet is connected and you are ready to continue. You can now name your NFT, and are required to check an 'are you sure' box to continue. Make sure your name is descriptive. People will be able to search for your Yat based on it.

Once all is good you can click 'Mint my Yat'. This will open your Metamask wallet and show you the cost in dollars associated with minting.


It is easy to see the cost on this screen. You can adjust the amount of Gas used by clicking 'EDIT', but if you adjust it too low it is possible your Yat will not get minted before it gets kicked back as an error. To be safe I usually choose the Average speed option.

Clicking 'Reject' at this point will return you to your Yat Dashboard without minting. Click 'Confirm' to agree to pay the Gas cost. If you confirm and your Gas fee is high enough this step should be quick.

You will see the message below as the process of minting is taking place.


Next you will see a confirmation message.


Step 5. Sell Your NFT
After the minting is complete you will be able to see your new NFT on OpenSea. It can be easily listed there for sale. The Seller's screen looks like this.


Click the Sell button on the top right. There are a few options, such as bundling with other NFTs you own, but I typically just put in the price (in ETH) I want to sell it for then click 'Post Your Listing.' The first time you do this there may be another smaller fee to be paid to approve selling a Yat token depending on your activity in the past.  This fee was about 20% of the first Gas fee paid in Step 4.

Your Yat is now listed for sale and can be seen as part of the Yat collection at With Gas fees at 18, the entire process the first time cost me just under $20. It should be a bit less the next time because the 2nd fee should not be required.